Awana in Colorado Springs, a website of Mesa Hills Bible Church Awana club
Apr 152019

There is no Awana this week because it is Easter. Secondly, we can’t seem to find Josiah Miller’s Awana book. I am hoping that another clubber might have picked it up by mistake. His name is on the cover.

Mar 252019

This week in Awana is Christian History night. Clubbers should try to dress up as someone famous in Christian History. This could be a missionary, pastor, reformer, or other famous Christian. Bible characters are OK as well. Being a generic missionary is fine as well.

Mar 122019

This week is Balloon night in Awana. It’s not water balloon night quite yet. This is helium balloon night. Also, because so many Awana leaders will be gone, we have to cancel on March 24.

Mar 042019

Well, last night was challenging because of the weather. But this week is Hero night. Clubbers should come dressed as a Bible hero. Also, we’re going to be short on leaders on March 24 due to Spring Break so we are cancelling Awana for that night.