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Sep 082020

Well, last Sunday wound up not being Launch-it night because a Pastor Ryan and I were out of town. However, we’ll have both Launch-it night and yo-yo night this Sunday. Clubbers don’t need to bring a yo-yo, they will be provided.

Aug 312020

This week in Awana is Launch it night (at least for the clubs older than Cubbies). Games involve water balloons and a sling. I think it’s obvious how these two things go together to yield fun! Clubbers won’t be the target of the balloons so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

Aug 242020

At Mesa Hills Bible Church, our plan is to have the Awana club meet in person. However, if any clubbers would prefer to meet only on-line, we will accommodate them. Since we are meeting in person, we have a few modifications to try to minimize risk. Some people see Covid as a modest risk but others see it is a much larger risk. My hope is that making a few modifications will allow all families to feel comfortable.

First and foremost, please do not send your children to Awana if they are sick. In normal times, it’s not uncommon to encounter people in public with colds. But given the situation in the world, if your child is sick at all, please do not send them to Awana. This does not include allergies. I realize that most parents would never send their children to Awana when sick regardless.

To try to avoid too many people congregating on or near the stairs, Cubbies will be dropped off and picked up upstairs in the Toppin build where there is more room. Sparks will continue to be picked up downstairs in their room as usual. Cubbies will participate in Flag Ceremony with the other clubbers.

I know there are strong opinions both for and against wearing masks. We will not require anyone to wear a mask, but it is encouraged during flag ceremony and when moving from room to room. Some people cannot wear masks and that is fine. But some families are less comfortable if few people are wearing masks. So, if you and your children can, wearing a mask is encouraged. Again, this is not a requirement. During game time, the clubbers are encouraged not to wear masks because they are exercising. We will try to play games outside when possible. I personally will wear a mask at all times except when I am teaching.

Be extra careful when preparing snacks. Pre-packaged snacks are a good idea.

I will place optional temperature check stations at the entrance to the Toppin building. These are available for parents to use. The rule of thumb is that if anyone has a temperature above 100.2, they should not enter the church building. Again, these checks are optional and they are for parents to use on their own children. If more parents check their children’s temperature, it can make some families feel more comfortable. No leader will check your child’s temperature without your permission. I personally will check my own temperature each week to make sure it is within the limit.

Aug 242020

The Awana Fair is this week! Many of the games will be outside this year, although we will still have registration, food and the cake walk inside. (Assuming the weather is nice). We are looking forward to seeing you there at Sunday at 5:30PM

Aug 042020

We are planning to have the Awana Fair on August 30 at 5:30. To help our planning, please contact me ( to let me know if your children will or will not be a part of Awana this year. We are very excited to begin again.

May 252020

When is the Awana Awards ceremony? I don’t know, but God does. Colorado continues to open up so hopefully it will be soon. We have had the Awards for a while and we are eager to hand them out in person!

May 112020

If your leaders are willing to continue hearing sections and you haven’t finished your book yet, please continue working on sections. It isn’t possible to hold an in-person Awards Ceremony yet, so it’s fine to continue working. We have the awards in the office. We’re just waiting for permission to be able to have the ceremony.