Nov 232020

This week is Gingerbread House night! For many people, this is the most fun night of the entire year. Families are invited to come along and we make Gingerbread houses in groups. It is a competition to make the very best houses. I am consistently amazed at the amazing houses that people are able to make.

Oct 262020

This week in Awana is Teddy Bear night. Hopefully, the weather will be better this week but I am very grateful for the snow! Clubbers should bring a teddy bear or other stuffed animal to club with them.

Oct 192020

This week in Awana is Angry Birds night. It’s a game time activity and not a dress up. All clubbers in T&T and Trek should already have their Grand Prix race car kits. If not, stop by the office before or after Awana to pick up a kit. The Grand Prix is on November 8.

Oct 052020

Next week in Awana is Campfire night. This will be done outside, so it is important for all clubbers to bring a jacket or sweatshirt. Because of the fire ban, we will not be able to use regular campfire but only a propane stove. So, we’ll still be able to roast marshmallows but it won’t be the same as most years.