Feb 012021

This week is Sports night in Awana. It’s a Dress Up night, so clubbers can wear the uniform of their favorite team (which could be one they played on themselves). I know there’s another significant sporting event happening at the time, but we’re still holding Awana.

Jan 252021

This Sunday in Awana is Measles night. Originally, it was going to be Family Potluck but it is also the church annual meeting. So, this week clubbers can ask me to put measles on my face. (Or perhaps another leader as well).

Jan 182021

This week in Awana is Messy night. It is a dress up night, so this one night of the year it’s OK to be messy. Also, we have moved Measles night to January 31 instead of the Family Potluck. This same night is the annual meeting for the church so it was not a good night for the potluck.

Jan 112021

This Sunday is Flashlight night for all clubbers Sparks and older. (Cubbies are a bit young). Please bring a flashlight with you that night. The lights that fit on a headband work particularly well. We are switching the theme nights for January 31 and April 11. January 31 will now be Measles night.

Jan 042021

This next Sunday in Awana is Castle night, so please bring boxes. In general, the boxes will be large. We’re building a single large castle (or perhaps two of them) per group. So, small boxes like cereal boxes and shoe boxes are less helpful than larger boxes. Please try to avoid any boxes with staples in them. Styrofoam makes a mess, so please take it out.

Dec 282020

It’s time to get back to Awana and this Sunday is Pizza night. Remember, it is a snack and not a meal. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again this Sunday.